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If you’re studying katakana and hiragana, try reading the sign on top of this vending machine. Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with my transcription below the photo if you need help.

The verb 知ってる is written in hiragana, しってる, and the noun 美味しさ,  or おいしさ here, gets the hiragana treatment as well.

i-adjectives in Japanese are easy to convert to their noun forms,  just replace the final i(い) with sa(さ). This pitch for Coca-Cola includes a great example of this in a natural context,  with the adjective for delicious, おいしい appearing in its noun form, おいしさ. For more examples of this, take a moment to read a very concise,  well done piece here, at NIHONGO ICHIBAN.

Did you notice that 本当に(ほんとに) is written in katakana in this ad? In Japan katakana is often employed in advertising for emphasis, much as italics would be used in elsewhere.

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If you’re learning katakana, try reading this sign that I saw in Kyoto and you’ll discover what kind product they sell.  Sort of.  I honestly can’t quite picture their merchandise,  as far as what makes it distinct from my own setup.  I wonder what I’m missing out on?

I took this picture in part because the company’s van quite considerately has the name written on its side in the roman alphabet,  so that you can check your reading skills by slowly scrolling down to the next picture, after you give this sign a whirl.

Keep scrolling……..
almost there………

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