Kanji Kanban Japanese Sign #84-Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln


ステイーベン スピルバーグ監督作品

ダニエル デイ=ルイス


Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with my transcription below the photo if you need help reading the characters on this movie poster. The top horizontal line is so small that it’s a challenge to read even on the original, but clicking on the photo will help somewhat.  I used the context to guess what it says before I confirmed it, thinking about the wording on such posters in English, since that format is fairly standardized.

The numbers below refer to the kanji I’ve transcribed below the photo, and correspond to their order of appearance in both Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji and Kanji in Context.

To learn more about how this information can help you learn kanji, please read this.

Heisig(H28, H251, H1745, H305, H1453, H719, H1142, H23)

Kanji In Context(KIC156, KIC157, KIC222, KIC800, KIC925, KIC926, KIC137, KIC683)

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