Kanji Kanban Japanese Sign #228-Tire Repair Shop



Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with my transcription below the photos if you need help reading this old sign.

パンク is written in katakana because it’s a loan word, adapted from the the word ‘puncture’ in a shortened form.  This place fixes flat tires.  Here’s an example of how パンク can be used in context:



‘I was late because I got a flat.’

Bridgestone Corporation was founded in Japan in 1931 by Mr. Ishibashi. If you’re studying Japanese you might have noticed that his name literally means stone bridge, which formed the basis for the company’s name, albeit in an altered English form.  Interesting that they chose to reverse the order of the two parts-I wonder if it was simply because of the way it sounds, or if there was another reason?

The numbers below refer to the kanji I’ve transcribed below the photo, and correspond to their order of appearance in both Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji and Kanji in Context.

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Heisig(H1722, H265)

Kanji In Context(KIC1175, KIC241)

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