Kanji Kanban Japanese Sign #137-Shoplifting is a Crime




Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with my transcription below the photo if you need help reading these characters.  I didn’t know the Japanese term for shoplifting before I read this, but I guessed it from the context, as this retro poster was in a shop’s window at a Kyoto mall.

When I showed this photo to a Japanese friend, she thought of a similar term, 置き引き,  or theft of bags or luggage left unattended.  She recalled leaving her bicycle outside a coffee shop with a bag of groceries in the front basket, and being surprised when she came out of the shop and it was gone.  She doesn’t do that anymore,  and others have changed their habits too, based on experience or reports of an increase in this type of crime.

I’m still surprised by how many people continue to be so lax about watching their belongings here though,  and noticed a sign at a Starbuck’s recently telling people not to leave their bags at tables unattended.   It’s quite common for customers to leave their things, including computers, purses, etc. at tables while they go to the restroom, or to go and put their things on a table to hold it before getting in line to order.  And I have to admit that although I’d never do it back home in the states,  having gotten used to the relative rarity of such petty crimes here,  I’ve done the same thing.

The numbers below refer to the kanji I’ve transcribed below the photo, and correspond to their order of appearance in both Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji and Kanji in Context.

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Heisig(H64, H1232, H1414, H1636)

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