Kanji Kanban Japanese Sign #100-Kyoto Fire Prevention Campaign


毎月5日 20日 無火災推進日

京都市消防局 消火器

Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with my transcription below the photos if you need help reading this poster that I saw recently on a community bulletin board in my Kyoto neighborhood. Click on the closeup photo to see the characters more clearly.

The character 京 is often used by itself when referring to the city of 京都.

The numbers below refer to the kanji I’ve transcribed below the photo, and correspond to their order of appearance in both Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji and Kanji in Context.

To learn more about how this information can help you learn kanji, please read this.

Heisig(H186, H1345, H312, H1184, H1587,  H458, H13, H12, H12, H1775, H161, H167, H663, H561, H12,H312, H1846, H412, H144, H1302, H1066, H144, H161, H121)

Kanji In Context(KIC537, KIC211, KIC233, KIC428, KIC27, KIC164, KIC17, KC16, KIC16, KIC400, KIC18, KIC873, KIC1009, KIC267, KIC16, KIC233, KIC338, KIC547, KIC219, KIC781, KIC228, KIC219, KIC18, KIC682)

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