A fast chance for some kanji review!

夜間工事 23時30分〜翌5時30分 車線変更

Use the rikaichan popup dictionary on the text I’ve transcribed just below the photo if you need help reading this sign.

I took this at night in Kyoto in an area where there’s been a lot of road work at night, which involves diverting traffic.

I’d only just learned the reading of  夜間yesterday when I transcribed them in my post about this traffic safety poster, which you might want to check for more reinforcement after reading this post, if you haven’t read it yet.

工事(こうじ)is a common compound meaning construction or road work.

I was happy to see やかん again so soon after writing my last post and to have the chance to test my recall. This sign makes them hard to miss!

I was curious about other common collocations and found 夜間授業(やかんじゅぎょう) in one of  the example sentences given by the Denshi Jisho online Japanese dictionary,  meaning ‘night classes.’

Once my attention was focused on this sign, it gave me some other
useful examples of familiar characters that I’d understood but couldn’t read with confidence.

The character 翌 looked familiar and the context gave me the meaning, ‘the following’ or ‘next.’  The sign abbreviates the compound 翌日(よくじつ), which is the form that I’ve seen this character take in the past.  I also realized that without a clear context like this, I might confuse it with 習おう, to learn.

Thanks to this sign I’ll steer clear of that mistake!

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