How’s business?

カジュアルフロア おさわり禁止

If you’re studying katakana, try reading the words on the sign around this fellow’s neck to find out what they have on offer upstairs.

Halloween happens to be on the horizon, but he’s a fixture in front of this Kyoto clothing store throughout the year.

Use the rikaichan popup dictionary or your favorite reference tool with the words I’ve transcribed below the photo if you need help reading the katakana, or the message in his mouth.

The vertical hiragana/kanji can be seen more clearly if you click on the photo to enlarge it and then click again on his mouth.  A very common verb and kanji compound that you can likely guess the meaning of from the context.

I wonder what kind of greeting’s waiting for me on the second floor?

Originally posted 2012-09-21 22:57:57.

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